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Tap the advantages of Technology with Innovative Solutions for Banks & Financial Institutions.

The Banking & Finance Solutions provided by Octal IT Solution streamline the payment system, transaction processes and mobile banking to help improve the workflow. We cater to the requirements of banking institutions, finance businesses and insurance companies to match with the technology needs of the industry.

Right from developing a net banking app to eWallet and data management solutions, we make sure that the financial institutions make the best use of technology in their day-to-day activities. We have helped quite-a-few organizations in exploring innovative strategies to improve workflow, reduce costs and streamline their operations. Our solutions are capable of delivering the same benefits for your institution.

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Industries We Serve

We provide innovative solutions for following industries.

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Customer Data Management

Customer’s data is everything for a financial institution. There is a big requirement of a sophisticated technology to manage and safeguard this data.

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Unique Customer Experience

Technology-drive solutions are capable of improving the customer experience. Quick turnaround and better decision making can be enabled with technology.

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Financial Institutions are forced to comply with the rules and regulations imposed by government that become barrier for institutions in tapping new opportunity.

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Data Intelligence

With the help of a sophisticated app or portal, managing the data becomes quite handy. This also leads to better decision making.

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Technology Risk

Cyber attack has always remained a big threat for financial institutions and this very reason prevents them from investing in technology.

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Risk Management

Technological advancement allows to cope with the common risks that financial institutions face. This includes data safety, competition and collaboration.

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Price pressure

Due to stiff competition, financial institutions are forced to cut their costs, just to stay in business. This eliminates the opportunity of new investment.

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Investing in technology allows you to remain accessible by your customers round-the-clock. An app is sufficient for a fruitful connection.

Our Solutions


Net banking Portal

Give your customers a sophisticated portal to access their accounts. We build highly-secured and technology-let net banking portals for your customers.

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Banking Mobile Apps

Give your bank the freedom of on-the-go accessibility. We develop Android, iPhone and multi-platform banking applications.

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Finance Management Software

Manage the finances and transactions in your institution effortlessly with the advanced Finance Management Software by Octal IT Solution.


Customer Management Solutions

Build and maintain a stronger bond with your customers. Our Customer Management Solutions enable you to build strong customer relationship.

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eWallet App Development

eWallet is the burgeoning trend in the industry. We create a powerful eWallet application that surpasses the existing competition.

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Insurance Management Portal

We develop a portal that manages everything at an insurance company. Get advanced access to customer data, insurance plans and more.


Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Drive your organization with the power of technology. We provide Enterprise Application Integration solutions to streamline your operations.

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Data Management Solutions

Manage the bunch of data without much effort. The data management solutions by Octal keeps your valuable data secured and make data processing easier.

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Credit Processing Solutions

Give your customers an interactive platform to check their credit score, and keep track of the credit score of your valued customers.

The Octal Advantages

Business transformation

Octal IT Solution helps you streamline the growth of your business and enterprise solutions. We help you transform the day-to-day activities at your organization, delivering profitability while reducing costs.

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Innovative acceleration

We make the best use of cutting-edge technologies in product designing, system architecture and technology implementation. This means, your business remains protected against changing environments.

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Improved Security

We understand the value of security in financial institutions. Keeping that in mind, we provide solutions that come with advanced security parameters to keep your valuable data protected.

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Effective Operations

Our technology driven solutions maximize your efficiency, streamline your operations and minimize the costs. With those, you will witness improved efficiency by spending less on your resources.

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